Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have my chimney swept?

Chimneys need to be swept on a regular basis to help in the prevention of chimney fires and reduce the risk of dangerous emissions into your home from any blockages in the flue.

Chimneys should be swept regularly according to the type of fuel used as this will reduce the build of soot, etc.

  • Smokeless fuel: At least once a year
  • Bituminous coal: At least twice a year
  • Wood: Quarterly when in use
  • Oil: once a year
  • Gas: once a year

Sweeping chimneys also clears other obstructions such a birds nests and other debris.

Why should I use a professionally trained chimney sweep like C&T Chimney Innovations?

Chimney sweeping is not just a case of pushing a brush up a chimney; rather a professional sweep will have the knowledge, experience and training to assess the standard of your chimney flue and any difficulties that are being encountered. They will suggest the most appropriate type of sweep, standard or powersweep, provide guidance on the frequency of sweeping and any other matters relating to the chimney and issue a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping upon completion.

C&T Chimney Innovations is National Association of Chimney Sweeps (NACS) trained and successfully completed the HETAS appropriate training for stove installations.

Why do I need to maintain my solid fuel stove?

To ensure that you receive the maximum and safe benefits of owning and using your stove. At a minimum, solid fuel stoves need to be swept on a regular. At other times further maintenance may be required, for example, to fire bricks, glass, rope and other seals.

Do you install solid fuel stoves?

No, we no longer provide this service and would recommend that you contact HETAS at:

Why C&T Chimney Innovations?

C&T Chimney Innovations delivers a professional solid fuel and chimney sweeping service giving you peace of mind that your appliance and chimney are operating safely.